(1740) MOUNDS, Tuhwnt-i’r-mynydd

(1740) MOUNDS, Tuhwnt-i’r-mynydd, at 350 ft. above O.D.
on the S.E. slope of Mynydd y Graig. Six small mounds lie
within an area 50 yds. across, centred 65 yds. E.N.E. of the
cottage. All are from I ft. to 2 ft. high, of small stones, and
about 10 ft. in diameter, though their edges are not well
These may be cairns, but are more probably clearance
mounds since they are all contained within an enclosure
(apparently earlier than those of the adjacent cottages).
Condition: fair.

SH23052729                           9 Vlll 57                          44 S.W. Unnoted

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