THE PARISH CHURCH OF ST. BEUNO was rebuilt in 1835 and again in 1885.1 Fittings from the old church remain as follows:
Books: registers, see p. cxxxi. Plate: 2 (i) A small silver chalice (Plate 40) with beaker-shaped bowl so joined at its base as to suggest that it comes from an older chalice; the bowl decorated with strapwork and foliage, the stem and foot with ovals and pellets, hyphens and ovolo mould; marked JL in a shield, probably for John Lynglay of Chester; date probably as (ii). (ii) Silver paten-cover (Plate 40) with reeded edge fitting (i); same mark, and date 1575 engraved on foot, with ANO above, a sprig below, within a circle. Height of (i) 5 ins., diameter of (ii) 3 11/16ths ins. (iii) Alms dish (Plate 38), of silver, deeply embossed, with floral border, and central panel showing a bird3 with four chicks. Back engraved with LORENS FRIS/ Ao. 1693, and inscription recording presentation in memory of Humphrey Randolph (rector, ob. 1704) and his wife. Foreign, probably Dutch. Oval, I I 3/8th ins. by 9 7/8th  ins. (iv) Flagon, pewter, lid lost, inscribed on base R. Thomas, Rector 174I. Height 6 1/8th ins.4

Condition: rebuilt.

SH 26253155                          22 v 58                                44 N.E.

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