STONE AXE FACTORY between 800 and 850 ft. above O.D. on the N.E. end of the ridge of Mynydd Rhiw. Five approximately circular hollows, in a line about 300 ft. long on bearing 40°, represent the silted sites of neolithic quarries opened to otain material suitable for the making of stone axes and other tools. The banks surrounding the hollows, up to 10 ft. wide and I ft. high, are composed of the waste
products of flaking.
The largest hollow, at the N.E. end, is about 50 ft. in diameter and is separated by a gap of about 50 ft. from the others, which vary from 15 to 25 ft. in diameter and have been shown by excavation to have formed originally a continuous opencast working, following the line of outcropping of the desired band of rock. For a fuller description of the site and its excavation see Proc. Prehist. Soc., 1961, pp. 108-43. See also p. xlviii.
Condition: good.
SH 23452996                                       1959                                  44 N.W. Unnoted

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