CASTELL CAERON (Fig. 17), at 600 ft. above O.D., on a wide natural shelf at the N. end of Mynydd Rhiw. Within the fort the ground is slightly higher than the rest of the shelf Outside, it falls away steeply on the N.W. and gently to the N.E.; it is almost level to the S.W., but rises steeply about 100 yds. from the fort on the S.E. The  enclosure is oval, slightly flattened on the N.W., and measures about 220 ft. from N.W. to S.E. by 250 ft. It is surrounded by two stone walls about 7 ft. thick, 10 ft. apart. Both are robbed almost to their base, and no facing remains; the outer wall is destroyed round the S.E. half of the circuit. The entrance  was probably on the E., where the lines of the walls are interrupted, but all detail has been destroyed.
Condition: heavily robbed.
SH 23203028                                    16 iv 58                                             44 N.W.

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