GELLIWIG is a two-storeyed mansion, built largely of dressed stone. An inscription (see (i) below), if it belongs here, would be evidence for a house here in 1671; this may be in-corporated in the main (N.W.) block, which seems to be the oldest part of the structure. Most of the fabric, however, and all the architectural features, are of the 19th century, during which extensive additions were made on the S. and S.E.1
There are some early 19th-century doorway-linings in the first-floor passage, and the outbuildings contain two inscribed stones: (i) loose, 1671 I ES :MS, perhaps for Evan and Margaret Saethon, rather than Sorton;2 (ii) reset, a key above a windmill, with p /17 M: E 31 below, significance unknown.

Condition: poor.

SH 25773022                         27 vi 58                                44 N .E.

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