Tregarnedd (SH 25103510, 39 N.E.)

The late 18th-century MSS ofRichard Farrington refer to ca
cromlech and a barrow at Tref y Garnedd, in ruinous condition’
(Arch. Camb., 1849, p. 4; see also below, p. IIO).

From the form of reference along with sites at Brynodol (see
under Tudweiliog) and Cefnamwlch (No. 1689, from which
this site must therefore be distinguished), it may be inferred
that a megalithic chambered tomb once existed near the house
now known as Tregarnedd (SH 25103510, 39 N.E.), formerly
known as Tref garnedd (O.S. 2-in. map, 1816).

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