(1760) THE PARISH CHURCH OF ST. CWYFAN (Plates 25, 35, 39) was rebuilt in 1849 by Geo. Gilbert Scott. Two human headed corbels of medieval style (Plate 35) from the older church1 are kept at Cefnamwlch (No. 1686), and the following fittings remain in the present church. Bell: in bell-cote, inscribed ‘Parrish of Tydwielog/1734. Made in Dublin.’2 Bench: in chancel, with disk-headed end inscribed E G 1709; seat cut short, length now 3 ft. 9 ins. Books: for registers see p. cxxxviii. Chests: (i) in vestry, (ii) in nave, both late 18th century; length of(i) 3 ft. 2 ins., of(ii) 5 ft. Communion Table: in vestry, legs baluster-turned with shallow grooves, frame and stretchers scratch-moulded, inscribed on frame, the initials and figures divided by patterns of dots H.I W.I3 y. W. D. 1713; length 3 ft. 8 ins., width 2 ft. 6 ins., height 2 ft. 7 ins. Font (Plate 25): at Cefnamwlch (No. 1686) on lawn opposite house, octagonal, bowl of gritstone with central drain, chamfered below, sides plain; shaft of sandstone, sides stop-chamfered, square at base with pyramidal stops; all on square plinth (and modem step). Probably 14th-century. Total height 34 ins., width of bowl 24 ins. Memorials: in churchyard to N. of nave, gritstone slabs side by side and carved alike, (i) to Francis Jones [of Llangoed, 1680], (ii) to Jane Trygarn, 16[83].4 Plate: (Plate 39): (i) Silver chalice, stem with ovolo moulding above and below, edge of foot with egg-and-dart; these are probably by the same maker as (ii), but the tapering bowl decorated with I H S in a glory is probably an 18th-century reconstruction. Height 6-1 ins. (ii) Silver paten-cover, incised with three rows of hyphens on shoulder and one row on the edge, the foot engraved with date ANO/1574, and the bowl stamped with the initials J L in a flaunched shield (presumably for John Lynglay, of Chester).5 Diameter 3.25 ins.    Hyde Hall, p. 272; Hanes Eglwysi, pp. 249 ff.

Condition: rebuilt.

SH23823677                                            26 viii 60                                      39 N.W.

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