(1689) CHAMBERED TOMB on the N. side of Mynydd Cefnamwlch (Fig. 102, Plate 1),1 sometimes known as Coetan Arthur (Tithe Award Map), at 330 ft. above O.D. on ground falling gently to the N.E.


The main feature is a large rectangular capstone, with flat underside and ridged top, carried on three supporters. The S.W. side of the chamber may originally have been dosed by a fourth supporter, now prostrate, and dry walling of which a fragment remains. A large rectangular slab some 6 ft. N. of the tomb may have been the capstone of another chamber. There is now little evidence for the covering mound,2 but the change in the angle of the slope (see section, Fig. I02), especially on the lower side of the chamber,  may represent the edge of a former mound about 28 ft. wide, of which a low upright stone 6 ft. S. of the chamber may have
formed a part.
Daniel, p. 193, No. 12; for Tref y Garnedd see under Llaniestyn, pp. 70b, 73a.

Condition: partly fallen; protected by iron railing.
SH 22973456                       3 x 57                           39 S.W. ‘Burial Chamber’

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