PLAS-YM-MHENRHOS is a small house of one storey with loft, dating from ca. 1700 but modernised. The ceiling has chamfered beams and roughly chamfered joists, and the roof-trusses are original with collars pegged on to the principals. Reset in a partition is a wooden panel inscribed IHS /1678 (in style like the font bowl in the Parish Church, No. 1692).
Condition: good.

SH 35573425                               IS vi 56                                       40 S.E.

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  1. Summary
    The floor timbers from this building produced a 195-year site chronology dated to the period 1413–
    1607, with one floor beam being derived from a tree felled in spring 1592, a second beam being from a
    tree felled after 1600, and a joist being from a tree felled in summer 1608. The floor was most likely
    constructed in
    , or within a year or so after this date, using at least one stockpiled or re-used timber.
    Three principal rafters sampled from the roof appear to have been derived from a single parent tree. The
    73-year ring-width series from this tree could not be dated, but the roof was thought to be later than the
    Dating Old Welsh Houses. October 2011.

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