House built ca. 1805-6, incorporating ancient cellars as basement, and as service quarters a lower two-storeyed house of 17th-or 18th-century type, 47ft. 6ins. by 15ft. 6ins., now much altered. The later and upper part of the house has an open-well staircase of two flights and landing (Plate 55), with open string, slender turned balusters,pillar newels and ramped handrail, probably of ca. 1725, which is known to have been brought from a cross-wing of Wernfawr (No. 1570), added by the second Love Parry on his marriage (ca.1719) and demolished at the erection of this house. 1

It has been adapted to its present position. An extension to the W. of the lower and earlier part of the house contains a re-used boarded partition, a panelled door with raised fields, and a reeded post, possibly early 18th-century, which also may have come from the former wing of Wernfawr. In the garden near the S. entrance to the upper part of the house, fixed to the wall returning from its W. jamb, is a tablet of grey slate, 25 ins. wide, carved in low relief with arms, quarterly, 1, 4, a stag statant (sic for Llywarch Hwlbwrch), 2,], Collwyn ap Tangno, in an escutcheon Collwyn, crest a stag statant on orle and mantling, surrounded by moulded border at top
and sides only, incomplete at lower edge. It thus complements the inscription of 1707 to Love Parry of Cefil Llanfair which is inset in the E. wall of the church (No.1569,memorial vii) and is of the same width and of similar grey slate, though now surmounted by modern arms carved in purple slate.

Condition: older part of house altered, older fittings re-used or reset.

1 IX59

By G.1. Wardle, see Hyde Hall, pp. 289, 291; Mr.and Mrs. (Barbara) Yale, of The Cottage, in litt. G.L Wardle was sheriff in 1803 by title of ‘Wern Fawr’, see also Diet. Welsh Biog. sn On Love Parry nsce]. Y. W. Lloyd J, History of Powys Fadog, n, p. II7; Griffith, Ped., p.224.

These arms could be borne by Love Parry (ob.1707) after his second marriage to Elin, heiress of Hugh Wynn of Penarth (sHpra,Vol.n,No.1090), as the inescutcheon for Collwyn ap Tangno is correctly hers, and his the stag statallt of 1, 4, which on his mother’s and sisters’ tombs (No.1569, mcm. ii, iii) is impaled; but the marshalling
of 2, 3 seems incorrect. See Dwnn, n,pp. 172, 178; Griffith, Ped., pp. 224,273, 278.

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