At 50 ft. above O.D. over-looking a steep drop to the sea on S.E . , and to a small valley on the S.W., has now been almost obliterated; the ditch which was visible on the N.W. in 1903 1 has been almost filled in and the top of the mound levelled for building. The top now measures 110 ft. from S.W . to N.E. , and the ditch is 54 ft. wide. The remains are still recognisable as a motte, but owing to disturbance the dimensions may not represent the original form. Several stone hammers were found when the 19th-century turnpike road was cut through the site .2

Condition: almost destroyed
13 iii 58
45 NW Unnoted

1 – Camb.,1917, p. 303.
2 Ibid., 1903. pp. 252-3.

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