A house of two and three storeys built between ca. 1800 and ca. 1840. The walls are ashlar-built; the roofs are slate-covered. the Edwards family, who adopted their surname by the middle of the 17th century, had been associated with this site, Nanhoron-uchaf, for some generations already.1 At the back of the present house are two re-set dating tablets inscribed (i) 1677 E.R.A., (ii) ER D 1756,2 which Come from an earlier house, no doubt that shown about 50 yds. to the E. on an estate-map of 1777-8. 3 The period during which the present house was under construction is known approximately from a volume of drawings dated 1796, and signed J. B. Salop,” which include a plan differing only slightly from that of the present house, and from two other drawings (on paper water-marked 1832) made by H. Walsh, both more accurate in proportion, which include the large N. wing of three storeys. This wing bears a tablet inscribed: LL E R M. 5 Externally the house is plain, except for a delicate cast-iron verandah along the front, but internally it contains work that for this region is of relatively high quality. Especially entrance hall and stair (Plate 56). This hall is bisected by a screen of two Ionic columns and responds with an arch of Palladian character above. The stair has metal balusters and a broken string. To the E. is a large 19th-century billiards room, and to the N. two large 18th-century walled gardens. There are the remains of other 18th-19th-century outbuildings, including an ice-house (now flooded and inaccessible).

Condition: Good
5 vi 59
44 NE

1 See Griffith p.161.
2 For Richard and Ann Edwards, 111 . about 1655, and Richard and Dorothy Edwards , ffi. 1729 . Ibid.
3 In volume of family papers by W. Jones of Tal-y-bont.
4 Probably Joseph Broomfield (1744-1825), ex inJ. Miss M. C. Hill, County Archivist, Salop.
5 Richard and Mary LIoyd Edwards, ffi. 1831; Griffith, Ped., p.161.

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