Site of the former chapel of ease to Llanbedrog Church (No 1569). In a field called Caeau Capel to SW of Ceirchfryn, 1, on the summit of a low hill at 120 ft. above O.D., are the ploughed-out remains of an oval enclosure, 40 yds. N.-S. by 30 yds., across the N. end of which is a level platform about 50 ft. long. This platform presumably marks the site of the chapel, the enclosure that of the surrounding graveyard. The chapel is attested from the 15th century, possibly from the 13th, until the 16th century, when it appears either as ‘Gwerther’ or as ‘Hirverthyr’ and is dedicated to St. Ynyr.2 It was demolished at the end of the 18th century.3

44 N.E. Unnoted                                 30 xii 59                                    SH27713068
Condition : destroyed.

Ref 2 In 1254 ‘Guntyr'(?), church in deanery of Lleyn, Valuation of Norwich, pp. 190-1; in 1437 ‘Ewarthere’, chapel with churches of Llanpedrok and Llangyan, Cal. Pat. Rolls, Henry VI, 1436-1441, p. 18; in 1535-6 ‘Hirverthyr, Gwerther’, etc., Valor Ecclesiasticus, IV p.419; VI, pp. xiv, xviii, xxii, xxxiii. In 1515 chapel of St. Ynyr with church of Llangion, L. and P., Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, n, No. 1307. ‘Cir Verthyr’ in Rice Rees, Essay on the Welsh Saints (London, 1836), p. 332; Cymmr., 1910, p. 86. Also a mill called ‘Werthir’, B.B.C.S., VII, p. 146 (Sheriff’s account of 1303-4), ibid., V, p. 154; VI, pp. 268-9; Rec. Caern., pp. 27-31; CotlTt of Augmentations, pp. 278, 298. J Hyde Hall, p. 294; Hanes Eglwysi, p. 82, locating it near ‘Creigfryn’; Arch. Lleyn., p. 147

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3 thoughts on “(1612) CAPEL GWERTHYR, or GWYTHER”

  1. Caeau Capel- safle Capel Gwerthyr.
    Yn ol Y parch j.daniel ‘Archaelogia Lleynensis’ mae ystyr “Gwerthyr” yw ‘amddiffynfa’, a mae o’n ystyried na dyma be oedd yna cynt…..sylwadau?

  2. Ceirchfryn ger safle Capel Gwerthyr……defnyddwyd cerrig y capel I adeiladu y tyddyn hwn yn ol bob son

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