(1601) CROMLECH near Trwyn Llech-y-doll

At 200 ft. above O.D on ground falling to the E. All that remains is a great recumbent stone, long axis N.-S., that may have been the capstone. It is roughly rectangular but tapers to a point at the S. end, and measures 10 ft. long, 6 ft. 6 ins. in maximum width, and 4 ft. in maximum thickness. Under its N. end are two small fragments, possibly broken pieces of a supporter; one in particular seems to have been part of an upright and is still earthfast at the base though now leaning far outwards owing to the weight of the superincumbent stone.
In 1923 an elderly local inhabitant remembered another supporter ‘at the north side near the hedge’,1 and had heard that formerly there were three uprights.
Condition: poor, fragmentary
10 iv 57
48 NW

Nothing is now known of a cromlech ‘on the land of Kim, which was pulled down years ago and used for building purposes.'(Arch. Lleyn. (1892),p.140.) The modern farm of Cim lies at SH 317257, 45 S.W.

Ref 1
Arch.Camb., 1923, p.307. By ‘north’ either W. or N.W. must be meant, since the field bank (now destroyed) lay W. of the cromlech

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