(1600) CASTELL, near the Porth Neigwl Mine

On the edge of the high ground overlooking the village of Llanengan a rounded hill rises to a whaleback at 200 ft. above O.D. This runs from N.E to S.W.; it rises only slightly above the level ground to the E., but falls steeply away to the W. A single rampart encircles the ridge, enclosing an area about 240 ft. by 160 ft. It has been formed by scarping the ground about 20 ft. below the summit on the N., E. and 5., and a good deal further down the slope on the W. The rampart is best preserved on the N. and 5., where it forms a bank about 25 ft. wide at the base, rising 2 ft. above the excavated terrace within it, and 5 ft. above the ground outside. On the S.W. a single outer facing slab in the bank suggests it was stone-faced with a probable able width of about 6 ft. On the steep W. slope the bank fades into a level terrace with a minimum width of 5 ft. On the E., where the strongest defence might have been expected, the rampart is only slight; a modern field bank follows its curve just outside it and has presumably robbed it of most of its material. The N. section of the rampart ends on the N.E. about 10 ft. short of this modern wall. This presumably marks the site of the entrance, since there is no other gap, but all details have been destroyed. The interior contains no structures except an ill-defined circular platform about 22 ft. in diameter, possibly the site of a hut, near the S. end. There is some evidence for a small enclosure, defined by a low bank, adjacent on the 5., though this may be later than the main rampart.

Condition: Poor
11 iv 57
45 SW

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