Wholly re- built in 1894. 1
Fittings from the earlier church remain as follows. Bells: two, inscribed 1754 and 1774 respectively. Books: see p. cxxxi. Memorials: (i) in N.transept, marble tablet (Plate 36) to Griffith Wynn, of Bodvean (ob. 1680); above, shield-of-arms, Collwyn ap Tangno impaling erm. on a saltire a crescent (Osborn Wyddel, for Vaughan of Corsygedol); erected by his son Sir William Wynn (ob.1754), early 18th-century;2 (ii) in W. porch, marble urn on high pedestal (Plate 36) to Sir William Wynn, second son of Griffith Wynn; body and stem of urn fluted helically, neck and base decorated with vine-leaves, mouth aflame; in inscription ‘AT BODVEAN’ inserted after ‘Was interred 24th May: 1754’; (iii) in N. transept, marble table-tomb and urn to the same; (iv) marble table-tomb and casket to Sir John Wynn, (2nd) Bt., 1773, the casket carved with garlands containing mourner and urns;:! (v) in churchyard, gravestone to John Wynn, 1635, grandson of John Wyn of Bodvel; also to his eldest son Thomas Wynne, 1673.4 Plate: (i) Silver chalice with taU beaker-shaped bowl flaring slightly at rim, on stem with central ring and moulded foot, the bowl engraved with strap-work and foliage, inscribed above ‘The Parish of Boduean. Drinke yee all of itt. Math : 26 : ver : 27.’ London date-letter for 1623-4. Maker’s mark S/W in hollow-shaped shield. Height 7t ins. (ii) Silver paten-cover, engraved on foot with the date 1623. Marks as (i). Diameter 4fi ins. 5 (iii) Silver chalice of large goblet form, the oviform bowl decorated with graduated flutings, on a tall stem with central knop below which stem and foot are fluted similarly; engraved on bowl with inscription ‘The Gift of sr John Wynn Bart to the Church of Bodvean Anno 1772’. London date-letter for 1772-3. Maker’s mark O-J, with pellet between, in an oblong (Orlando Jackson). Height 8- 1 2.6″ ins. (iv) Silver alms dish, circular, chased and embossed with foliate pattern, the centre plain and engraved with LH.S., a cross and three nails in O”lory, and ‘THE GIFT OF SR JOHN WYNN BART! The border and three feet added to a plain dish with London date-letter for 1669. Diameter 14 ins.
6 Screen: a fragment remains at Boduan Hall but is probably not from this church (see No. 1523, p. 22a).

1 The architect was Henry Kennedy (Trans. Caerns. Hist. Soc., XXII (1961), pp. 21,25).
2 Before his elder brother Thomas became baronet (1742), Griffith, Ped., p. 171, text of inscription in Gleanings, p. 30.
3 Sculptor of (iii) and (iv) possibly Van der Hagen of Shrewsbury, fl. 1767-86, though neither is signed. As suggested by Mr. Rupert Gunnis i/1 lilt.; see his Diet. of British Sculptors (London, 1953), p. 406. Both of Boduan, Griffith, Ped., p. 171.
5 Church Plate, pp. 65-6 and Plate VII, 2.
6 Ibid., pp. 66-7.

Condition: rebuilt and restored.
14 vi 56
40 NW
43 N.E.

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