Stands in the S. part of the parish. It is a plain oblong, 50 ft. by 15ft. externally, with internal vestibule at the W. end and external steps leading to a gallery over it, which is dated 1847. The W. doorway and the windows, the roof and pews are also of this date or of the restoration of 1888. The walls of roughly coursed rubble with larger quoin stones appear older and may date from the end of the 17th century, which is the date of the earliest register and of the chalice (see below). The earliest known memorials in the churchyard are of the first half of the 18th century.1 That this was a rebuilding on the site of the church or chapel known from records from the 13th century onwards, 2 and still represented by the font, seems doubtful. According to tradition the church once stood nearer the foot of Carn Fadrun, a possible site being Cae Hen Fynwent, a mile to the W.N.W., see below.

Fittings.-Books: registers begin in 1692, see p.cxxxv. FOllt (Plate 25): of gritstone, octagonal, the bowl chamfered under-neath, the pedestal spreading and slightly flared at its foot, both damaged but quite plain originally; probably 15th- or early 16th-century. Plate: Silver chalice with tall beaker-shaped bowl and short stem on rounded foot, height 6t ins., the letters W L rudely engraved on foot; Chester marks: NB in scalloped shield, and ‘sted :’ (for Nathaniel BuUen, .ft. 1668-1712, and ‘sterling’); probably ca. 1693.3 Hyde Hall, p. 285; Lewis, Top. Diet., s.v.; Arch. Camb., 1900 , p. 3 1 4

1 The earliest recorded are of 1734 and 1735; one of 1743 is still legible, see Gleanings, pp. 1I2-14.
2 of pp. 190-1; Valor Ecclesiasticus, IV, 419; VI, pp. XIV, XVlll, XXII, XXXllI; Pryce, passim.
3 Church Plate, p. 95.

Condition: rebuilt, extensively restored
17 iii 59

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