At 500 ft. above O.D. in a natural hollow on the S. slope of Garn Boduan. The enclosure is an asymmetrical oval, flattened on the N.W. and bulging towards the E. It measures about 65 ft. N.-S. by 55 ft., and has an entrance 8 ft. wide on the S. Within the enclosure, there is a free-standing hut about 8 ft. in diameter just W. of the entrance, and touching the N. apex is another hut about 20 ft. in diameter. On the N.E. a semi-circular hut or enclosure about 24 ft. in diameter is built against the outside of the enclosing wall. The walls are all very ruined but seem to have been about 4-6 ft. thick.
Condition: poor.
25 v 51
32 SW Unnoted

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4 thoughts on “(1525) ENCLOSED HUT-GROUP”

  1. Y safle wedi chwalu enwedig ar ol periannau trwm Tilhill.

    ed.-‘nol yn y 70au oedd yna peth o hwn i gweld yn y coed, anodd i feindio ond yn amlwg.

    1. Bechod mawr….wedi defnyddio gps I wneud siwr fod fy sgiliau darllen map yn gywir(cyf:’grid ref’) , ac ‘di edrych yn fanwl o gwmpas, a does dim ar ol.
      Oes modd gadael cwmniau fel Tilhill gwybod am safleoedd fel hyn cyn iddynt ei chwalu am byth?

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