(1706) ENCLOSED HUT-GROUP at Bryn-d’ymchwydd

(1706) ENCLOSED HUT-GROUP at Bryn-d’ymchwydd, 500 ft. above O.D. A large round hut about 25 ft. in diameter, its wall about 5 ft. thick with traces of orthostatic facing, stands in the N. angle of an enclosure some 75 ft. long from N.W. to S.E. Only the N.E. end of this enclosure survives, the remainder having been destroyed by the yard and buildings of Bryn-d’ymchwydd. The site was probably an enclosed hutgroup, a gap 9 ft. wide at the E. angle perhaps representing the entrance.
The modern field walls in the vicinity of Nos. 1706 and 1708 sometimes follow terraces, but in· general traces of ancient terracing along this slope are poor.

Condition: partly destroyed.

SH 33094054                                    7 xii 60                               32 S.W. Unnoted

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