(1562) THE PARISH CHURCH OF ST. EDERN (Plates 23, 34, 39, 40) was rebuilt in 1867-8 on the footings of the former medieval church, with the addition of a south transeptal chapel to make a cruciform plan.1

Of the five trusses re-used from earlier roofs, two in the N. chapel were noted in that position in 1847,2 and are of the 15th century (Plate 23). These have arch-braced collars with two cusped struts which with the renewed principals form a quatrefoil between trefoils; the soffits of the collar-beams are moulded, one terminating in characteristic Perpendicular feet, the other bearing facetted lozenges at intervals and a moulded boss above each foot. A re-used truss in the S. chapel is quite plain, while two others at the W. end of the nave have small circular openings and may be of 18th-century date.
Fittings.-Books: registers, see p. cxxxiii. Chest: in N. chapel (Plate 34), hollowed-out oak with lid, iron straps and broken hinges; 6 ft. 5 ins. by I ft. 7 ins. and I ft. I in. high externally; medieval. Memorials: 3 slabs in churchyard: (i) Henry Williams, 1687; (ii) William Griftith, 1688; (iii) Ellin Robyns, daughter ofJohn Robyns of Castellmai, 1696. Plate: (i) Chalice (Plate 39) with beaker-shaped bowl on flared base, repaired and silver-plated, obscuring any marks; height 6 ins.; ca. 1685.4 (ii) Paten-cover, also replated; diameter 4.5 ins.; probably same date as (i). (iii) Pewter flagon (Plate 40), now kept at Cefnamwlch (No. 1686), tapering body 9.5 ins. tall on flared base 6.5 ins. wide, with handle and hinged lid; the base is inscribed ‘EDERN 1703’, and on the lid a maker’s mark IF between two fleurs-de-lis in a diamond, repeated three times.

There is reference locally to the site of another early church in the parish. When a millleat was dug ca. 1850 over the site
(SH 28003975, ‘cae newydd’ in the Tithe Award), burials
were found.4 There are no surface features at this spot.

Condition: rebuilt.

SH 27953959                                 7 v 57                                                 31 S.E.

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