(1704) HUTS AND ENCLOSURES, N.W. of Mount Pleasant

(1704) HUTS AND ENCLOSURES, N.W. of Mount Pleasant at 950 ft. above O.D. A group of small round huts with traces of a small paddock, on level ground between ribs of outcrop.
Hut (i), on the E., is 14 ft. in diameter, with a wall of piled stones 5-6 ft. thick and 1 ft. high, and a probable entrance on the N.E.

Hut (ii), 35 yds. N.W. of (i), is 10 ft. in diameter, with a wall of earth and piled stones 3 ft. thick and 1 ft. high, and an entrance on the S.W.

Hut (iii), 12 yds. N.W. of (ii), is 18ft. in diameter; its N.E. half is overlain by a ruined sheepfold. Its wall, 3 ft. thick, is of piled stones with traces of slab facing.

Hut (iv), 20 yds. N.E. of(iii), lies at the foot of a low crag and is 16-17 ft. in diameter with a wall 3-5 ft. thick and a probable entrance on the S.E. The huts stand within a partly cleared enclosure surrounded by a ruined wall of earth and stones 3 ft. thick and 1 ft. high, best preserved along the S.W. side of the level ground and for a short length leading N. from Hut (i). Arch. Camb., 1950, p. 39, No.i. The cairn mentioned there is probably modern.

Condition: much ruined.
SH 35104428                          20 vi 58                                  32 N.E. Unnoted

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