(1698) CIRCULAR ENCLOSURE, N.E. of Ciliau-canol

(1698) CIRCULAR ENCLOSURE, N.E. of Ciliau-canol, at 600 ft. above O.D. on ground falling to the N.W. The enclosure is  about 120 ft. in diameter, crossed by a modern road. The upper (S.E.) half is on steeply sloping ground and is defined by a wall of earth and stones, 4 ft. thick. The lower half is terraced to form a level area now occupied by a small field. The terrace has a maximum height of 9 ft. on the N.W.; a modem stone wall follows its edge, but the enclosure appears to be  earlier than the present field system, and in places along the N.W. side traces of orthostatic facing seem to represent the original enclosure wall, here about 7 ft. thick. On the N.E. a levelled area 25ft. by 15ft. extends outside the line of the wall, which seems to be interrupted. This area may indicate an entrance, or perhaps a small annexe. A terrace crosses the sloping ground below (i.e. N.W. of) the site.
The site is included in the list of Concentric Circles given in Arch. Camb., 1949, p. 204 (App. I, No. 7).

Condition: poor.

SH 34274347                        23 xi 60                                    32 N.E. Unnoted

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