(1702) HUT-GROUP, N.E. of Ty-gwyn

(1702) HUT-GROUP, N.E. ofT y-gwyn at 500 ft. above O.D. An approximately square area about 95 ft. each way lies at the foot of ground rising to the N.W. The N.W. boundary is in fact cut into the slope and revetted with dry masonry. The area is covered with the remains of mounds and low banks, now completely overgrown with bracken. It was probably a hut-group, and at the N. angle a circular hut can be made out, about 17 ft. in diameter. There were doubtless others, but their number and form are completely uncertain, and it is not even possible to be sure whether the hut-group was enclosed
or not. Its compact nature, however, suggests that it was
Terraces are visible above and to the N.E. of the site.

Condition: very poor.

SH 33394141                      7 xii 60                                    32 N.W. Unnoted

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