(1708) ROUND HUTS W. of Bryn-d’ymchwydd

(1708) ROUND HUTS W. of Bryn-d’ymchwydd at 550 ft. above O.D.
(i) A large round hut lies below an old field wall running N.E.-S.W. along the slope, and returning to the N.W. for a short distance just to the S.W. of the hut. The hut is 24 ft. in diameter, with a probable entrance on the E.; its wall survives only as an overgrown bank up to 3 ft. high.

Condition: poor.
(ii) About 45 yds. N.E. of(i) is a hollow scooped out of the slope, which falls from N. W. to S.E. This may be an old stone quarry, of which several examples exist in the neighbourhood. On the other hand its proximity to (i) suggests that it may have been a round hut about 20 ft. in diameter.

Condition: very poor.

SH 32964051                                   7 xii 60                   32 S.W. Unnoted

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