(1701) HUTS AND ENCLOSURES, above Graig-ddu

(1701) HUTS AND ENCLOSURES, above Graig-ddu, on a natural shelf at about 1100 ft. above 0.D., in ground falling
steeply to the W. Hut (i) is II ft. in diameter, with walls 3 ft.
thick and now 1 ft. high, of rubble faced with small blocks.
Hut (ii), 12 yds. to the S., is similar, but 8 ft. in diameter.
Touching hut (ii) on the S. is an oval enclosure, 40 yds. N.-S.
by 35 yds., with a ruined wall about 3 ft. thick, of piled
boulders. In a similar position, 500 yds. to the S. (at SH 35874433 on 32 NoE.) is a similar enclosure, 20 yds. in diameter, almost destroyed to build a fold.

Condition: of huts, undisturbed.

SH 35904479                                           6 iii 57                   25 N.E. Unnoted

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