(1703) ROUND HUTS AND FIELDS, S. of Bwlch

(1703) ROUND HUTS AND FIELDS, S. of Bwlch at 700 ft. above O.D.
(i) The upper (N.W.) half of a large round hut, 25 ft. in diameter, SH 347043 14.
(ii) Round hut, 80 yds. N.W. of (i), 16 ft. in diameter, forming a shelf in ground falling to the S. The hut wall is preserved as a bank of earth and stones, up to 3 ft. high, with no visible facing. There is an entrance 5 ft. wide on the E. SH 34634318.
(iii) From the N.W. side of (ii) a field wall runs N.W. for 18 ft. to an oval depression 23 ft. by 18 ft., possibly the site of another hut. Hollows to the N.W. may indicate the sites of further round huts, though some of them seem to be stone quarries.
(iv) The fields to N. and E. of the above sites contain ploughed-down terraces running N.E.-S.W. parallel with the contours. Among these, at SH 34854324, is a disturbed area about 65 ft. by 40 ft., possibly the site of a destroyed hutgroup.

Condition: poor.

23 xi 60                            32 N.E. Unnoted

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