(1506) ENCLOSED HUT-GROUP N.W. of Clogwyn-bach

(1506) ENCLOSED HUT-GROUP N.W. of Clogwyn-bach (Fig. 49), at 250 ft. above O.D. on level ground between outcrops to N. and S. The S.W. hut abuts on to the rising ground of the southern outcrop. The walls survive only as grassy banks up to 3 ft. high, with few stones visible. The N. enclosure and N.E. hut are much slighter than the remainder and appear to be an addition to the original plan.


Straight lines of walling bounding rectangular enclosures extend some 80 yds. to theW., and to the N. among the outcrops for a similar distance.
Condition: fair.

SH 38633727                                19 iv 56                         40 N.E. Unnoted

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