(1676) Two STANDING STONES, Tir-gwyn

On level ground at 300 ft. above O.D.
(i) 8 ft. 6 ins. high with a roughly triangular base, two sides measuring 3 ft. long, the third 3 ft. 6 ins.
(ii) About 190 yds. N. of (i). 7 ft. 3 ins. high, quadrilateral at the base, two sides measuring 2 ft. 6 ins. long, the others 2 ft. 3 ins. and 2 ft. 9 ins. Both are irregular and taper slightly to the top. A grave containing two inscribed stones (No. 1675, q.v. for description) lay in the field between the standing stones, but any is uncertain. A flint flake was found near (i), see p.XXXVI.
Condition: good.
SH34413903                                      18 vii 57                                                 32 SE

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