The present cemetery chapel was built in 1859,1 and the old church was demolished. It was described in a terrier of 1776 as “an ancient building”, fifteen yards by seven yards, with a “cross aisle” about eight yards square 2 (presumably the N. transept mentioned by Hyde Hall).
Fittings.-Memorials, in W. corner of churchyard: 4 (i) Stone slab (Plate 36) on six legs, with incised border and lozenge pattern at head and foot, to William Humphrey, 1648, and William Lloyd, 1670; above, a shield of arms, Collwyn ap Tangno. (ii) Stone slab to Gaenor, daughter of Hugh Bodwrda and wife of Richard Meuric, 1670; Latin quotation. (iii) Chest tomb (Plate 37) to Elizabeth, daughter of John Bodwrdda and widow of Owen Ellis of Ystumllyn, 1672; under a semi-circular hood, now broken, the top slab has a Latin inscription in relief within an incised border, and on an incised panel ‘DE NATlE MEMORIlE’; panel at E. end with shield of arms, Collwyn ap Tangno for Ellis of Ystumllyn (Vol H, No. 1379); round-headed panels on sides, blank except that on S. (E. panel of two), containing four figures in relief, the right-hand figure (probably Owen Ellis) at a lectern, inscription above: ‘Effigies Oweni Ellis de Stymllyn armigeri uxoris filii et filiae’. (iv) Stone slab with double incised border, to William Reynold, 1676. (v) Stone slab to Ed. Lloyd, 1680; Mary. Margaret and Elizabeth, daughters of John and Katherine Lloyd, 1698; Katherine Lloyd, 1735; Jolm, 1737, and David 174[-], sons of Rosindale Lloyd. (Vi) Stone slab to Hugh Lloyd Rosindale, 1682, and Robert Lloyd Rosindale, 1712. (vii) Slate slab to John Parry, 1691. (viii) Stone slab to Elizabeth Davies. wife of Henry Lewis, 1693; K. 1., 1724. (ix) Headstone, possibly broken and inscription partly buried, to Hugh Lloyd Rosindale. probably ca. 1700. (x) Stone slab to Robert Prichard and Elinor his wife; undated, but probably 17th century.
Plates (at modem parish church, St. Peter’s, Pwllheli): (i) Silver chalice (Plate 39), 71 ins. high, with plain inverted bell-shaped bowl on tall moulded stem; maker’s mark R R in a shaped shield (Richard Richardson). and Chester date-latter for 1755-6· (ii) Silver flagon-jug (Plate 39), a beaker-shaped bowl 51 ins. high, on foot 41 ins. high with plain knop; scroll handle; maker’s mark G G in plain shield, and London date-letter for 16 35-6.

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2 N.L.W., Church in Wales Records, BJTERRJ248.
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4 A memorial to Mary Leake, 1647, listed in Gleanings, is not traceable.
5 Church Plate, p. 11O.

Condition: of memorials, fair
SH 37273574
20 iii 59
40 NE

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