(1508) ENCLOSED HUT-GROUP N.E. of Yoke house

ENCLOSED HUT-GROUP N.E. of Yoke House, at 200 ft. above O.D. Two circular huts are visible:
(i) 23 ft. diameter. The wall survives only as a bank of stones and earth 6 ft. thick and 2 ft. high. A gap 6 ft. wide at N.W. by W. represents the entrance.
(ii) 33 ft. N.W. by W. from (i); 20 ft. diameter. The wall is very poor.
The huts are joined by a poor wall on the N.E., and a stump of walling runs S.W. from hut (i). Hence the huts probably stood originally within an angular enclosure.
Condition: poor.
SH 38303724                                    18 iv 56                                40 N.E. Unnoted

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