(1514) STANDING STONES near Four Crosses, on level
ground at 200 ft. above O.D.
(i) Large monolith 5ft. 6 ins. high, S. side 4 ft. 10 ins. long, W. side 3 ft. 8 ins., E. side 1ft. 5 ins., N. side rounded. The sides are practically vertical but the stone leans slightly to the W.; the top is flat and slopes down to the W. It is not clear whether the small stones round the base are packing stones or have been dumped.
Condition: good.

SH 40013899                       19 iv 56                           33 S.W.

(ii) At 160 yds. to S.S.E. of (i); 5 ft. 6 ins. high, rising to a point. The base is a rough quadrilateral measuring 3 ft. E.-W. by 2 ft. and embedded in a few small stones.
Condition: good.

SH 40063886                          19 iv 56                  33 S.W. Unnoted

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