House of two storeys with attic formerly; probably of ca. 1600. 1 The walls are of roughly coursed rubble, based on boulders; the N. gable has been rebuilt about 10 ft. short of the original end, the foundations of which are traceable. The roof is covered with small coarse slates reset. The original openings all have rough stone lintels outside, timber inside; the windows are small and of vertical proportion; the W. entrance has been reduced to a window. The short square chimney-stack at the s. gable is original; it is corbelled out at first-floor level. On the rebuilt N. gable there is a short brick stack. On the ground floor a passage ran between the two opposite entrances with a post-and-panel screen to the N., and post-and-plaster screen to the S. (Plate 58): the upper rails remain, also parts of the lower rails and some of the posts, all chamfered. The S. screen has a central doorway with blunt-pointed shaped head, and may have had a second doorway at the W. end; the N. screen (see section) had a single doorway midway between those two, as shown, by an interval in the
slotting underneath the upper beam. The fireplace at the S.E. has a straight timber head.

The first floor was divided into the two rooms by the continuation of the N. screen upwards to the roof truss (see section); the roughly chamfered posts are let into mortices in the tie-beams and pegged like those of the screens below; there are remnants of wattle-and-daub beside the central doorway, the head of which has gone, and also around a wider opening over this for the attic floor. Both floors have gone. The S. room has a small fireplace like that at the ground floor but reduced from a larger one. There is no evidence of the original stairs; probably they were in the former N. gable and were replaced by a central staircase, the mezzanine window for which exists. The roof trusses, apart from that containing the upper screen, have been remade with old timbers, the purlins and rafters renewed.

1 Dwnn, H. 281, visitation in 1602 also Griffith, Ped., pp. 164, 263, 297.
8 vii 58

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