(1673) Y MOUNT, S.E. of Tynewydd

A motte at about 200 ft. above O.D. on ground falling gently to the S.S.E. A large hollow excavated on the N.N.W. furnished material for the motte and for a bank on the S. and lower side to retain water from a small stream in the moat. The mound stands 20 ft. above the bottom of the ditch and is 26 ft. in diameter at the top. The ditch bottom forms a circle 90 ft. in diameter. The retaining bank stands 8 ft. above it and spreads to about 45 ft. in places. It has a modern breach for drainage. No outworks can be traced, nor an entrance; but a cobbled area is reported in the field to the E. 1
1 Ex in!Mr.]. Gwilym Jones,of Tynewydd.
Condition: good, but overgrown
18 vii 57
32 SE

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