(1659) PENPRYS

Former house of two storeys originally, dated 1594, with extension of one storey on the W., probably of the 17th or early 18th century. The remaining walls are rubble-built with large quoin-stones and rough stone lintels. The dating tablet, carved in relief: AD I 1594 in four compartments, was over the S.E. entrance. 1 The lower windows are generally about 3 ft. square; in the E. gable was an upper window of horizontal proportion about 2 ft. high which contained diagonally-set wooden mullions. The chimney stacks were square, tall and capped.

PLAN Fig 94

Inside the original house the only woodwork remaining is the timber bressummer of the main fireplace on the N., 14 ft. long by 11 ins. high, straight and stop-chamfered. The joists were scratch-moulded; their ends were supported by rough stone corbels. The roof trusses had attached collars. 2 No woodwork remains in the extension. To the S. are ruins of smaller houses or of outbuildings, one of which presumably incorporated the early Christian inscription DERVORI HIe IACET which was known in the 18th century but had disappeared by 1847. 3

1 Dating tablet now at Boduan Hall, No. 1523. Two 17th-century owners occur in Griffith, Ped., pp. 156, 176.
2 Former details from N.B.R . photographs Nos. 2176-81, taken ca. 1950. Much of the building collapsed ca. 1958.
3 Noted by Pennant, n, p . 376, as ‘placed over a door of Penprys stable’, but not seen by him. Macalister Corpus, no. 388; Arch. Camb.,1847, p. 202; Nash-Williams, p. 90, No. 94.

Condition: ruined.
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