d/o Canolfan Treftadaeth a Natur Llŷn, Llangwnnadl.

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Welcome, and how to change the site language

Crwydro.co.uk has been established by local people who are enthusiastic about the Llŷn peninsula, its language, culture and its environment. Working with town and parish councils we know which routes are open, and where the points of interest are. We are keen to show local people and visitors some of the things we consider important, and to give people a deeper insight into the rich history and culture of the area whilst they walk along some of the best trails in the country .

If you want to read the information on this website in English, (or any other language) you will have to use the button that looks like this –

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The tourism industry is a key part of the livelihood of many people in Llŷn but it has had a detrimental effect on the Welsh language for over a century. The interest in one of the loveliest and quietest small villages in Llŷn began around a hundred years ago and its influence is very evident on Abersoch today. This work supports Cyfeillion Llŷn‘s ‘Croeso Cymraeg’ plan to establish a different type of tourism that will have a positive impact on the Welsh language. New opportunities need to be created to educate everyone about the history of the Welsh language, which is related to the British language and has been here from the earliest times. Create opportunities to help learners and welcome everyone to see the value of the Welsh language. Protecting the traditional Welsh culture and creating new opportunities.